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Design and fit out interior design company, turnkey hand overing projects.

Designed to adapt to contemporary buildings and residences our aluminum products adapt to any type of construction from residences to public or commercial buildings. Compliance with standards is a primary concern and our products comply with all standards and regulations. Our aluminum products can fit into all types of assembly from residential to public to commercial and come into a variety of finishes, shades and fills.


Build peace of mind and stunning looks into your home with the highest quality operable glass walls. You’ll delight at the ways Space Alum lets you change the look and feel of your home. As years pass, it remains as durable as it is beautiful, down to even the unseen hardware’s operations. Plus you’ll never tire of how effortlessly the wall glides open and shut with just one hand.




 Whether you’re constructing a new home or remodeling your current residence, Space Alum introduces a new level of lifestyle quality.
Space Alum Projects and Services


Imagine the possibilities for an expanded sense of space that an open wall affords, while it preserves unobstructed views when it is closed. And no matter what your location or how extreme the climate, you still benefit from the same security and interior comfort of an all-season home.


Space Alum specializes in the sourcing and installation of metal roof and wall panel products as well as the sourcing, fabrication and installation of Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM). We purchase materials from various approved vendors and fabricate them into the many architectural components mentioned in the list at right.





The real test is how they perform when closed – how they ensure comfort against cold or hot weather, drafts, and sounds. That defines the Space Alum experience: a useable space that keeps customers happy, lets in natural light, and promotes energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.





How tough are our swing panels? We engaged an independent lab to open and close a Space Alum swing panel 500,000 times to ensure our designs meet industry standards for commercial application.





Structured by an apparent grid, shooting or smooth belt with glazing our facades allow you to integrate conventional opening or projection, for completely uniform facades.





The different types of handrails stringers stiffeners clogs bars or filings allow large number of combinations for greater customization. Hidden fasteners and lacquered accessories give the railing a neat appearance.




Its how precision engineering and high-grade materials combine for a glass wall that stands up to air, water, forced entry, impact, and structural load. Yet it glides open with one hand.